Majestic Self Portrait

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. It’s based on a photo taken on my birthday with a clip on moustache, fake classes and bowtie, and yet somehow it looks majestic. Painted in… Continue reading

Low Poly modelling

I’ve loved the look of nicely rendered low poly art for a long time, so I thought give it a try. It was actually really fun and definitely something I want to continue with.… Continue reading

And on the third day he wrote again

… well more like third year. I can’t believe this is how long I’ve left this blog inactive, but today seems a fitting day to resurrect it. Since my last post, I graduated… Continue reading

I set up an Etsy shop

I set up an Etsy shop I’ve been doing lots of arts and craftsy stuff and I decided to make a shop to sell it (this may have been motivated by my ever… Continue reading


Keep in mind that these are only sketches, not finished works. I’m actually quite proud of these, they were all drawn freehand and without much planning, which is something  I need to work… Continue reading

RIP books and N64 games

So yesterday was eventful. I moved out of my flat in Manchester and moved all my stuff home. We were in a rush to get to the shops before they closed though (Sunday… Continue reading

So, it has come to this

Apologies for such a long absence, I realised that I made this blog just over a year ago and I missed my anniversary. Remembering this made me want to start blogging again, thanks… Continue reading

How to prepare for a hackathon

Over the weekend, I took part in my first Hackathon, Manchester Open Source Hackathon aka MOSH. It was a 24 hour event which turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience in which… Continue reading

Long Time No Blog

Sorry it’s been such a long time since my last post. A lot has happened (included a corrupted hard drive) and I’ve been (and still am) incredibly busy with Uni deadlines. I just… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Sir Shadlington (III)

A digital portrait for a friend who wanted to be more ‘like a sir’. I’m really happy with how this turned out (which is actually quite rare). It was only intended to be… Continue reading

Shine Design Document V1

Before I continue I’ll point out that I realise this isn’t a professional looking Game Document. It’s only the first draft of a document written to communicate the design to a small team… Continue reading

Play Expo

So yesterday I worked Play Expo. I’d never been to any sort of game convention (I couldn’t afford transport and accommodation for Eurogamer Expo unfortunately) and it was a brilliant experience and I… Continue reading

Game Idea: Shine

As I’ve said before, I’m working as part of a team on a game for my Uni’s Game Development Society. So far we’ve not had many ideas, so I thought I’d post my… Continue reading

Learning Python with Project Euler

I’ve mentioned Project Euler before, but yesterday was the first time I sat down and had a proper crack at it. I decided to use the challenges to learn Python (I’ve used Python… Continue reading

Brand New Day

First of all, apologies for the radio silence, I’ve been putting off writing this for a long time because a lot has happened and I thought it’d be too much to write about… Continue reading

Bills, Bluebottles and Bureaucracy

I hope these posts get more optimistic soon, I really do. So recently I’ve (well, both me and my flatmate have) had to deal with a lot of bureaucracy. We’ve only lived here… Continue reading

Biting the Bullet

So I’m finally biting the bullet and using a game library to help writing my game. I’ve been avoiding this for many reasons. I like writing things from scratch and I learn better… Continue reading

An inconvenient truth

So my last major post kinda fell flat on it’s face. I was finally full of motivation and ready to tackle the challenge of creating a character in a week, when I suddenly… Continue reading

3D Halo Energy Sword

  Happy Birthday Adam 😀

Arcius Character Bio

This week I’ll be designing and creating a game protagonist from scratch. This may sounds like a gargantuan task, but I need to start pushing myself and I like a challenge. To start… Continue reading

150th Post: Get it Done

I currently have a lot of unfinished projects (and even more unstarted ones) so I’ve decided to restructure my blog. I’ll still be posting daily, but every week I’ll be talking a different… Continue reading

Missing the Xbox generation

This may come as a surprise to my regular readers, but I didn’t really game much as a teenager. Ok, that’s not completely true, I still played my N64 and PS2 (I even… Continue reading

Roll the Dice

I’m really happy with how this turned out so I’ve put it on my online shop (free worldwide shipping until Sunday). I might buy it myself, I really want this on my wall.… Continue reading

Toppling Towers To Read

I’ve decided I really need to get back into reading game related books, so here are my current book collections.        

Life lessons from Smite

I’ve learned many things from playing the new MOBA on the block, most of which can be applied to any game, even the game of life. Everything’s easier and more enjoyable with friends.… Continue reading


Today I hit 4000 views and I got a new theme to celebrate. I’m also on my way to my 150th post. I’ll have to think of something special to do for it… Continue reading

Vortex Splash Screen

I decided to go with a simple retro main menu with pixelated graphics. The font is called Xolonium and is available from the Open Font Library. In the actual main menu I might… Continue reading


I’ve been working on a simple noughts and crosses game, although it turned out to be slightly more complicated than I anticipated. I’m not posting the source code yet because there’s still quite… Continue reading

Smite Review

I’m fortunate enough to have a flatmate generous enough to share a key to the closed beta of Smite :D. Smite is a Third-Person MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) currently in beta, which… Continue reading

3D Deus Ex Glasses

I’ve been toying with the idea of cosplaying Adam Jensen from Deus Ex when I go to Eurogamer Expo. The only thing I really need to make are his glasses, so I made… Continue reading

This has been a post

Every now and then, it’s nice to get Arkham City/Asylum out and just beat the crap out of some thugs.

Eurogamer Expo

I’m going to the Eurogamer Expo in London from 27th – 30th September. I’m mainly going for the careers fair, to increase my chances of getting a good internship next year; there should be… Continue reading

Typing games and the joys of code reuse

After finishing Hangman, a thought occurred to me. My main problem with Vortex has been handling collisions so I’ve come up with an ingenious solution that also saves a lot of time coding.… Continue reading

Tears of an Angel

I finally finished my Castiel painting. I could have probably worked on this forever, but I had to call it quits at some point. I also opened an online shop so you can buy… Continue reading

Internships, Skillsets and Hangman

As part of my degree, I need to get a job next year (2013-14) doing something Computer Science related. I really want to get a good job at a game studio, but I… Continue reading

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

I think to say this game is unique is an understatement, especially for a Nintendo64 game. The wikipedia page for this game is hilarious, I’d suggest checking it out. I’ve never played a… Continue reading

Self Portrait Sketch

I’ve not finished working on the tutorial and I’d rather not rush it, so here’s a sneak peek of the sketch I’ll be painting. It turned out toonier than I expected, but I… Continue reading

Portfolios and Baby Passports

ImagineFX, a magazine I subscribe to, is having a portfolio competition called Rising Stars 2012. The deadline is in October and there’s £20,000-worth of prizes to be won, so it’s worth checking out. Seeing… Continue reading

From Space Defender to Vortex

So it’s been a long time since my last game dev post and a lot has changed. Maybe not quite as much as should have changed in 3 weeks, but change nonetheless. The… Continue reading

Family Portrait Commission

I’ve done a few group pencil portraits (usually couples). I recently did this as a 21st birthday gift. This kind of family portrait is a really nice personal gift for birthdays, anniversaries or… Continue reading


No, not libraries of code. Actual real physical libraries … with real tangible books. I think libraries are ridiculously undervalued. This weekend I borrowed 4 books worth a total of £120 and I… Continue reading

Super Smash Bros

A while ago, my flatmate had a friend over I’d never met before. We stayed up late and things were going well until the night hit a bit of a lull. At this… Continue reading

Noisy Glass Bottles

I always loved the glass bottles in Zelda and I think a lot of people underestimate their usefulness. They were a great game mechanic and I’m pretty sure it’d be impossible to complete… Continue reading

Tutorials > Tech Reviews

I didn’t really enjoy writing tech reviews, especially as I was often writing about unreleased products with a lot of unknowns. So I’ve decided to replace this slot with tutorials. People have been… Continue reading

Internet at last

I finally have steady internet access again so I’m going to resume my normal daily posting. I was going to try and fill the gap by posting retroactively, but I think that would… Continue reading

No internet

My new flat has no internet so I may not be able to post for a few days. I’m still preparing posts though, so hopefully I can schedule them to be posted in… Continue reading


I’ve recently heard about a new gaming console called OUYA. It runs on Android, which combined with the fact that Minecraft runs on it, leads me to believe that it runs Java games.… Continue reading

Chernobyl Diaries

… is bad. That is all

Space Defender: Now with added Java

After thinking long and hard, I decided to work with Java. It’s what I know best and it’s easy to make cross-platform (at least in theory). I only started coding today and I’m… Continue reading