Checkpoint Reached!

Yes, today is the first weekiversary of this blog (I didn’t want to say anniversary, because it has ‘year’ in the name and I couldn’t find another such suitable word).

I believe the time has come to implement a schedule of sorts. I’ll still be posting daily (for as long as I can manage), but I’ll have 3 new weekly segments:

  • 3D Thursday
  • Time-lapse Tuesday
  • Software Sunday

Their names are probably quite self-explanatory, but in case they’re not, I’ve included a small description of each one below.

3D Thursday (3DT): Every Thursday, I will work on a 3D model in Blender. I may not completely finish if it is a complex model, but I will make some progress and I’ll post screenshots and a review of what I’ve done.

Time-lapse Tuesday (TLT): Every Tuesday, I will record a time-lapse video and post it on my new Youtube Channel (which is currently rather barren). The time-lapse could be of anything: painting, modelling, coding, gaming or anything else I can think of.

Software Sunday (SS): Every Sunday, I will add some code to my Github. I can’t guarantee that I’ll finish a program every week, but I will add something substantial and I’ll post a summary of it.