OS Wars Design Document

I’ve never written a Design Document before so bear with me.

OS Wars

OS Wars is a 2D isometric Real Time Strategy Game written in C++ and SFML in which the player chooses an Operating System and uses its advantages to eliminate the competitors.

Play as Mac, Windows or Linux, each have their own characteristics based on reality (with a hint of satire). The game will ideally be cross platform to allow everyone to represent their own OS.

The wars will take place in a digital realm, possibly with Tron inspired graphics. The main resource in the game is computer chips (referred to as Chips), they act as a form of currency as everything in the game is made from them. The player needs Chips to form defences and create or upgrade units. Chips are ‘mined’ from various areas on the map, but can be also be salvaged from destroyed units or defences; players can disassemble their own units in order to use the Chips elsewhere.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the pros and cons of each OS:

+ Strong units
– All units are more expensive

+ Increased ability to salvage Chips
– Units are slow

+ All units are cheaper
– All units are weaker

All of the game assets will be created using free and open source software:
Graphics (sprites, tiles, UI, splash screen etc) will be made in GIMP.
Sounds will be made using Audacity or obtained from free sound libraries online.

As its multiplicitous namesake would suggest, OS will be released open source and be available from my Github. I’ll include a copy of the design document there as well, as well as a list of changes as the game progresses.