The Portal Franchise is Still Alive

Portal 2 really kicked it up a notch, with all new puzzles using light bridges, gels and jump switches, the tests never get boring.

Portal 2 is considerably longer than Portal, which in no way is a bad thing. In fact it allows for the deep storyline and character development including combustible lemons, classical music and a potato (among other things).

The voice acting is some of the best I’ve heard in gaming and it fits perfectly with the hilarious dialogue of cutting remarks and just plain stupidity. The humour really sells the game, if the game was too serious I probably would have stopped playing after a while and maybe have played another couple of levels in summer but then never again.

The main thing that Portal 2 has that the original lacked is multiplayer. I was unsure how the co-op would work before I tried it, but it was surprisingly good. I love the design of the two testing robots, they’re so goofy and awkward. The one main thing I was worried about was how to communicate effectively with your partner, but you can highlight certain areas to tell the other person to make a portal or stand on a switch, which proved incredibly useful.

Personally, I think Portal 2 is one of the best games I’ve played and I’d recommend it to anyone 😀