Majora’s Mask aka. My Childhood Trauma

I really wasn’t sure what I should write about today, and I realised it’s been a while since I talked about a Nintendo game, so here I go.

Majora’s Mask really is an understated game, it lives in the shadow of it’s predecessor, Ocarina of Time, however Majora’s Mask is a lot different. There’s a sense of urgency as there are only 3 days of gameplay, but of course you have to manipulate time to suit your needs with your ocarina (or pipes, or drums, or SKELETON GUITAR). The gameplay revolves around collecting masks, all of which grant Link different abilities, which are required to face certain challenges.

The thing I like most about Majora’s Mask is that there are so many concurrent storylines; each NPC has a daily routine, so if you play the game enough you know where they’ll be. As with Ocarina of Time, there’s a wealth of playability in the sidequests, I still don’t think I’ve done everything in either game.

The thing with Majora’s Mask though, is it’s just plain creepy. The Happy Mask Salesman is creepy:

The mask transformations are creepy (yes, you hear Link scream as the mask takes over).

The moon is creepy, you just happen to look up every now and then and see this looking back:

and yes, it get’s closer and closer to you as the game progresses.

Everything is creepy.

Also, everything has been made more creepy, since I read Jadusable’s BEN DROWNED story. I seriously don’t think this would be allowed as a children’s game in this day and age.

All that being said, it’s still a fantastic game, in fact, that’s part of it’s charm; which is why it will always be one of my favourite games.

I am not going to be able to sleep tonight after revisiting all these horrific memories… the things I do for this blog.

PS: The reason I thought of doing this is because I was working on a self portrait and the hair currently looks like the Happy Mask Salesman, and it really creeps me out. I can’t even look at it any more, I feel like it’s staring at me, but I haven’t even drawn eyes yet.