Live music

I’m about to leave to see Lostprophets, so I thought I’d just say a few things about concerts.

There’s just something about live performances that makes them so much more than just sound. I love bands who perform and put on a show, if I wanted to just hear the song I would have just listened to the CD, we pay extra for the experience.

The artist in me must confess that one of my favourite things about going to a concert is the dramatic lighting. HOWEVER, I do not condone people trying to ‘immortalise the moment’ by constantly taking blurry photos. It’s just annoying and you can’t see anything in the pictures. At the last gig I went to, Dallas Green made a speech about this and basically asked people not to take pictures and just immerse themselves in the experience; this announcement was received with raucous applause and made me respect him more than I already did.

Also people who go to gigs looking for a fight are just idiots.

Post gig edit: The gig was spectacular, but I feel like everyone read this post and decided to get their iPhones out on purpose. So many iPhones taking awful quality videos. Oh the horror!