Feels Like Home

So, if you read about my public transport blunders and the hijinks that ensued (here), you may know that I went home this weekend.

There’s just something about going home, walking down the streets you used to walk everyday. It feels like everything has changed, but home is a constant. The main thing I noticed about Liverpool is that it’s so much greener than Manchester and the amazing weather this weekend really highlighted that. When I got back to Manchester, everything was just grey, the stark difference just made me laugh.

One thing I never thought I’d miss about Liverpool is the scouse accent. Now it just makes me smile, or even laugh if some kid is trying to put the accent on eg. “Eeeeeeee, they need to shift these barriers ‘cos they’re sending me west”.

I had a brilliant weekend, got to see some of my favourite people in the world and had one of the funniest nights out I’ve ever had.

Also saw more than my fair share of scouse brows (including a few asymmetrical ones Sarah ;P ).

Gotta love going home 😀