I went to see the new Avengers movie on Thursday (the day it came out) and I swear I saw about 30 other Computer Science students there as well, which amused me.

I’m going to try and avoid spoilers for people who haven’t seen it yet, but if you haven’t seen it, just sort your life out and go and see it. I realise I’m probably still caught up in the hype, but seriously it was one of the best films I’ve ever seen.

What surprised me the most about it, was that it was absolutely hilarious, I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny.

The Hulk was absolutely incredible (pun totally intended), at one point the whole theatre applauded him. Black Widow was a lot better than I expected her to be, I thought she’s just be there for her looks, but her character was actually really interesting. And of course all the other characters lived up to their awesome expectations.

I’ve decided that I really want to paint ALL THE AVENGERS, so I thought I’d leave it up to you who to paint first. You can vote for three characters in the poll below:

I’ll probably speedpaint the first one on Tuesday, so get the votes in quick 😀

If you haven’t seen the Avengers yet, go and check it out, it’s well worth going to the cinema for (and as a financially deficient student, I don’t say that a lot).