SS 08: The beginnings of an RPG

Today we (Liam Pringle and I) started working on our RPG. We’ve not had much spare time this week due to coursework deadlines and exams looming ever closer.

We’ve set up a shared repo on GitHub here, which you can check out at any time to see what we’re up to.

Admittedly I’ve not done a lot so far, I spent a considerable amount of time familiarising myself with Eclipse (I’m not used to using IDEs) and the idea of programming in Windows (without a terminal) just perturbs me. I’ve also not done much graphic work with Java, so while I know some theory, it seems quite tricky to implement in Java. I’d like to state that we’re building everything from scratch (although this may be subject to change if Swing remains un-co-operative). Because of this, we need to get some boilerplate code out of the way first, which is quite time consuming.

By the end of the day I aim to have a simple tilemap which a ‘player’ can move around freely. It doesn’t seem much to ask, but Java apparently has other ideas.

Hopefully, we’ll have a lot more to update you on next week πŸ™‚