Ocarina of Time: Original Textures vs HD Textures

I’ve been trying to get set a N64 emulator set up today with the HD Textures from the OoT Community Retexture Project. I went for mupen64plus and I’d say I’ve had a moderate success. I’ve managed to get the textures installed (it was easy once I read the instructions properly). My major failure has been my attempt at setting up the Glide-64 plugin and as such the video were made with the default Rice plugin. The one thing I haven’t been able to do is enable anti-aliasing. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know as it has been driving me insane for hours.

Anyway, here’s a video of the opening cutscene comparing the default textures to the HD. I  like the sky and moon from the HD pack in particular (although they are slightly toony).

Let me know what you think in the comments below.