Today I finally finished watching Supernatural and I have to say it is going down as one of my all time favourite series.

It’s one of those shows that artists can really get into because there’s a lot of dynamic lighting and every scene is well composed. That and every single person in the show is either very attractive or at least ‘visually interesting’. ‘Visually interesting’ is a term I use quite a lot, and people often mistake me by thinking I mean attractive, when usually it’s quite the reverse (at least in the conventional sense). When I say someone is visually interesting, I mean that there is something purely visual about them eg a unique scar, broken nose or merely a defined face – it’s hard to explain to non-artists. The conventional idea of beauty people seem to be indoctrinated with (overly airbrushed skin and symmetrical faces) is actually quite boring to draw (for me at least).

The cinematography isn’t quite as good as Sherlock, where every frame seems to be perfectly composed, but this is understandable as Supernatural has a lot more episodes (quantity rather than Sherlock’s quality).

The writers have done an incredible job with the overall story arcs and I particularly like the more whimsical episodes that show that the actors don’t take themselves too seriously. For me, the only thing missing is a musical episode. The characters are also very well written and show a lot of development as the series progresses which is well portrayed by their respective actors.  I also love the way they address some of the obvious plot holes and one of my favourite aspects of the show is how they addressed rabid fangirls and fanfiction.

Overall, Supernatural is a spectacular series and I would wholeheartedly recommend it, especially to any artsy types.