I went to see Coldplay last night and the entire experience was incredible. Everyone was given ‘Xylobands’ which lit up and flashed in time with the music; seeing 50, 000 people wearing them was truly a sight to behold.

Here’s a video of the Xylobands in action:

I’m quite interested in getting the bands to work again. I think they worked based on a signal transmitted via WiFi. It’d be cool to have a party where the bands flashed in time with whatever music was playing. So far all I’ve got is that you can turn the lights on if you stick the end of a paperclip inside them.

On a side note, there were several beach balls floating around the stadium at the start which just had a company name and logo on them. I just thought it was genius from a marketing perspective, paying a few pounds for several thousand people to see your company’s name.