100 things I’ve learned from blogging everyday

Today is my 100th daily blog post and I thought I’d celebrate by sharing 100 things I’ve learned from blogging.

  1. Blogging is fun
  2. Blogging is addictive
  3. I really enjoy saying ‘blogging’
  4. Blogging can be hard work
  5. I love getting comments
  6. Comments longer than War and Peace can be daunting
  7. Serial commenters can be quite scary
  8. Keeping social is important
  9. Have an About page, people like to know you’re human
  10. Writing reviews whilst avoiding spoilers is difficult
  11. Try and keep your blog consistent
  12. Use relevant popular tags
  13. Posts usually turn out better if you plan them
  14. Scheduled posts can be a lifesaver
  15. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  16. Keep posts concise
  17. Be an active part of the blogging community
  18. I like planning with pencil and paper
  19. There are lots of other blogs, be different
  20. People like pretty things
  21. I still don’t understand reblogging
  22. Polls can attract a lot of traffic
  23. Use a simple theme to increase readability
  24. Keep a regular schedule
  25. Reply to comments as soon as possible
  26. Keep up to date with news relevant to your blog
  27. Post original content
  28. Spam can be funny to read 😉
  29. Life gets in the way sometimes
  31. A bit of humour never hurt anyone
  32. People like tutorials
  33. Try something new every now and then
  34. You can learn a lot from other bloggers
  35. Blogging from a mobile phone isn’t particularly reliable
  36. You’re not a proper blogger unless you’ve had a stalker at some point
  37. Rendering 3D animations takes a long time
  38. I spend far too much time on WordPress
  39. Set yourself goals
  40. WordPress emails are annoying
  41. Use social networks to attract attention to your blog
  42. Don’t alienate your friends by spamming them with links
  43. Plain text posts look boring
  44. Try and stay positive
  45. I spend too much time obsessing about my stats
  46. Moaning about low stats won’t make them any higher
  47. Use spell-check
  48. Long post is long
  49. It can be done
  50. It’s harder to think of 100 things than I originally expected

I’m not sure whether to carry on daily or just post whenever I can think of something relevant, I think I’ve deserved a day off though :D.

Either way I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far and I’d like to thank all of my followers and all those who’ve helped me along the way.