Microsoft Surface

Microsoft have recently revealed their latest foray into the world of hardware with their new Surface.

A lot is still currently unknown about Surface, but it seems like it could be a game changer. It aims to be a fully functional windows 8 PC in an 11″ tablet; if they succeed, the Surface could blow the iPad out of the water (apart from the hardcore Apple zombies fanboys).

I found this which briefly overviews some of the currently known stats:

It seems as if the creator was biased towards the iPad, I think it unlikely that the Surface won’t support Flash and it must have a lot of RAM in order to support the OS and run programs like Photoshop efficiently.

When asked “Why now?” Ballmer said  “We took the time to get Surface right, and create something special. Because of Windows 8, the Surface is a PC and the Surface is a tablet and the Surface is something new that we think that people will absolutely love.”

With this, I believe the Apple vs Windows war has resumed.