Humble Indie Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle is a collection of DRM-free cross-platform indie games. You choose the price to pay and how much of that cost goes to the developers or charity – most people I know give it all to charity, but I like to give some to the developers for all the work they put into the game and for just being nice enough to sell their game like this.

The 4th Humble Indie Bundle was my favourite as it included Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner and several other indie games that really helped me get back into gaming. HIBs make up the majority of my Steam library.

Here are some stats from the most recent bundle:
Total payments: $5,108,269.34
Purchases #: 599,003
Average purchase: $8.53
Average Windows: $7.98
Average Mac: $9.99
Average Linux: $12.50

They have partnered with Canonical for their latest bundle and the games were available direct from the Ubuntu Software Centre. Making games accessible to Linux users is important because it is an incredibly powerful operating system and one of the main things stopping me (and probably many others) changing over completely is gaming (which may change soon when Steam is ported to Linux). The stats also show that Linux users are willing to pay (more generously than Windows and Mac users might I add) for quality games. I’d like to think that big game companies will see this and start porting, or even developing in parallel, for Linux.

I’d recommend buying the HIB to anyone (on any platform).

Give what you can and enjoy some brilliant games!