Space Defender: Now with added Java

After thinking long and hard, I decided to work with Java. It’s what I know best and it’s easy to make cross-platform (at least in theory).

I only started coding today and I’m not particularly familiar with Java Graphics (though I’ve certainly learned a lot today), so I’m quite happy with what I’ve achieved. I was hoping to have some circular motion worked out, but for some reason rotating an image made it increasingly blurry and after a few second it disappeared (and I have no idea why).

Here’s my new git repo (I think I’ll delete my old one, the code was horrendous).

The quality of the code is certainly a lot better than my attempt with C++, and I understand it a lot better. I know I should comment more, but I think my code is sufficiently clear and readable for now.

Next on the agenda is circular motion and more graphics.