I’ve recently heard about a new gaming console called OUYA.

It runs on Android, which combined with the fact that Minecraft runs on it, leads me to believe that it runs Java games. This is incredibly good news for me, as I’m quite proficient in Java and I’m currently working on a few Java games. Perhaps this new console could sway more consoles to run Java games.

Apart from XBLA it isn’t really feasible for indie games to be played on consoles. The OUYA intends to change that with a free development kit (no word of licensing fees yet either). The only condition they’ve given for a game to be put on the marketplace is that it must have some free playable content eg a free demo level. OUYA also encourages hacking and states that it won’t void the warranty,  I might give this a try.

OUYA is available for $99 on Kickstarter and ships December 2012 for developers and March 2013 for gamers.

I just backed this and I can’t wait to get it 😀