Super Smash Bros

A while ago, my flatmate had a friend over I’d never met before. We stayed up late and things were going well until the night hit a bit of a lull. At this point I suggested getting my N64 out and playing Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed themselves (even though I absolutely destroyed them :P). For me it’s times like this that the N64 (and Nintendo products in general) really come into their own. The games are simple, yet still completely immersive and they really bring out your competitive side too (oh the profanities) :D.

Anyway, back to Super Smash Bros; it’s probably the most accessible fighting game for new players. The characters are (to different degrees) recognisable, so once you know the basic controls their moves are quite predictable. Not only are the characters familiar, the fighting stages are too. There’s no real violence, so it’s very kid friendly (despite what my parents thought when I was younger).

The item drops are brilliant too, there’s always mad dash as everyone runs for the Donkey Kong hammer and there’s nothing more satisfying than luring an unsuspecting opponent into a motion sensor bomb.

The graphics are actually surprisingly good and the sound effects are quite amusing. It’s hard to quantify what makes SSB so fun, but it just is.

Fantastic game 9/10.