No, not libraries of code. Actual real physical libraries … with real tangible books.

I think libraries are ridiculously undervalued. This weekend I borrowed 4 books worth a total of £120 and I have 6 weeks until I have to give them back, more than ample time to learn a lot from them.

I personally much prefer real books to ebooks (though I have never really used a Kindle), I find the act of turning pages and the subtle texture of paper underneath my fingertips quite relaxing.

I’ve not used a library for many years and I really feel like I’ve been missing out. It’s hard to put a price on knowledge, but as a general rule, university grade texts cost a lot, so being able to access these for free is brilliant, especially for a student low on funds. I think if I ever end up making ludicrous amounts of money or winning the lottery (which I don’t enter) I’ll find some way of giving back to libraries.

And let’s face it. Sexy Librarians.