Portfolios and Baby Passports

ImagineFX, a magazine I subscribe to, is having a portfolio competition called Rising Stars 2012. The deadline is in October and there’s £20,000-worth of prizes to be won, so it’s worth checking out.

Seeing this competition made me realise that I don’t really have a portfolio. Not only that, but also that none of my work is really portfolio-worthy and I wouldn’t feel comfortable showing any of it to an employer. I’m not fishing for compliments by saying this, I’m not even saying I’m unhappy with my work so far, quite the reverse,  they’re all part of the process of my improvement. And I am still noticeably improving, so after a few new paintings, my old ones look worse in comparison and therefore out of place in a portfolio.

This reminds me of something completely unrelated: I think it’s stupid that babies require photo passports to travel abroad now, within a month (never mind the 5 years they last for) a young baby can look completely different, rendering the photo ID completely useless.

I’m just going to keep on painting and keep on improving and make a portfolio when I think I’m ready 🙂