Internships, Skillsets and Hangman

As part of my degree, I need to get a job next year (2013-14) doing something Computer Science related. I really want to get a good job at a game studio, but I didn’t do as well as I’d like in my exams, and I’ve never had a proper job,so I need something to put on my CV to help me stand out (as well as improving academically this year).

So every Sunday, I’ll be posting something to improve my skillset, hopefully increasing my chances of getting a good internship. It’ll mostly be programming things, trying new languages, etc, but I’d be open to suggestions.

To start this off, here’s a Hangman game I made over the weekend. I’m quite proud that I managed to take this from idea to completion in only about a day. It’s also surprisingly fun and addictive 😀

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