Smite Review

I’m fortunate enough to have a flatmate generous enough to share a key to the closed beta of Smite :D.

Smite is a Third-Person MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) currently in beta, which could blow all its contenders out of the water. The only other games in the MOBA scene are League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. Objectively speaking, the graphics in Smite are of a much higher quality, the animations are smoother and more grandiose (as expected of gods).

The best part of Smite is the mythological theme, the other MOBAs lack the cohesion of Smite because they have no overall theme. In the game you play as gods from 5 different cultures: Greek, Hindu, Chinese, Norse and Egyptian. This combination of characters that would normally never interact is reminiscent of Super Smash Bros, but on a much more epic scale.

The third person view adds a whole new aspect to the game. It greatly increases the player’s immersion in the game, it allows you to sneak up on enemies and it makes fleeing more exhilarating because you can’t look behind you to see if they’re still there.

My favourite god so far is Ymir. I’m also impressed with Ra, and while I haven’t yet played as Cupid, he seems to be very good for support.

I really love this game and I’ll probably be playing it for the rest of the day.