Arcius Character Bio

This week I’ll be designing and creating a game protagonist from scratch. This may sounds like a gargantuan task, but I need to start pushing myself and I like a challenge.

To start with, I needed to establish a world for the character to inhabit. I love steampunk, so I went with a steampunk world where magic is feared above all else.

Arcius is a teenage male human(/humanoid) who lost his eye and arm in a magical explosion when he was younger. He built himself a mechanical arm which allowed him to live an almost mundane life working as a mechanic in the small village he calls home. His adventure begins when his younger sister breaks the taboo, trying to restore Arcius’ body with magic. She becomes possessed by a demonic creature, lays the village to waste and flees.

I may add to this as the week progresses. I’d be open to any constructive criticism in the comments.

I’ll start generating some character concept sketches tomorrow.