Bills, Bluebottles and Bureaucracy

I hope these posts get more optimistic soon, I really do.

So recently I’ve (well, both me and my flatmate have) had to deal with a lot of bureaucracy. We’ve only lived here for a few months, but so far we’ve been issued with a warrant for £1500 in overdue gas bills, been threatened with £1000 fines for not replying to a form before our tenancy even started, and been given with a £1000 council tax bill (even though we are exempt because we’re students).

As if that wasn’t enough, we awoke one morning afternoon (hey, we’re students) to a swarm of bluebottles in the kitchen, and everyday since we’ve found more.

We’ve finally sorted everything (apart from the bluebottles, not too sure what to do about that), all I can say is that I hope there’s going to be a break between the next wave of bills.

I think I just need to paint something angsty to make me feel better. Any suggestions?

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