Learning Python with Project Euler

I’ve mentioned Project Euler before, but yesterday was the first time I sat down and had a proper crack at it.

I decided to use the challenges to learn Python (I’ve used Python before, but I’ve forgotten pretty much everything I knew). After only a day, I already love Python, it’s spectacularly simple and highly intuitive so there’s almost no need to translate your thoughts to code, I’d seriously recommend trying Python whether you’ve programmed before or not.

I’ve posted up the code I used to get the solutions for the first 10 problems on my Github. The code isn’t perfect because I’m only just learning the language and there are probably better ways of solving them, but I’m using this as a learning experience.

I’d highly recommend trying them yourself (and not looking at my code), it’s a great way to learn a new language and they’re challenging enough to feel a sense of accomplishment whenever you complete one. They also have several achievements to keep you motivated and after every 25 challenges you ‘Level Up’, which I think is a brilliant mechanic and something that will keep a game-a-holic like me hooked.

My friend key is 68125044350454_b55969d94371833b7500bbea08b377c0 if you want some friendly competition.