Game Idea: Shine

As I’ve said before, I’m working as part of a team on a game for my Uni’s Game Development Society. So far we’ve not had many ideas, so I thought I’d post my idea up here. It’s a good a place to put it as any.


Working Title: Shine

A 3D sidescrolling platformer set in a dream world with one simple rule: Don’t let your light go out.

The only resource in the game is light which can be obtained by collecting floating white orbs scattered across each level. Every level has a day, where everything is gumdrops and rainbows and a night where the nightmares take over. If you come into contact with darkness, it drains light from you and when your light runs out it’s game over.

Originally I was going to have a Darkness chasing you through the level, devouring all in its path and therefore forcing you to keep a certain pace. However someone today suggested incorporating puzzle elements by allowing different things to happen in day and night eg pathways that are only visible in daylight, doors that only open at night. This is something to discuss with the rest of my team.

Also I think the levels should become increasingly sinister as the game progresses, with nights becoming longer and platforms becoming more sparse and unstable, reflecting the journey to the recesses of your mind. Towards the end, the cracks start to show in the daytime and nightmares occasionally seep in to wreak havoc.

I think 15 levels would be a good length, allowing for a boss battle at the end of every 5 levels and each light ability to have 2 upgrades. “What is a light ability?” I hear you wondering; well wonder no longer: you use light abilities to defeat the nightmares in combat. Here is a list of the light abilities I have in mind:

  • Light Jetpack – to reach far away platforms
  • Light Sword – basic close combat weapon
  • Light Projectiles (aka lasers) – ranged combat
  • Light Shields – forms a barrier making the player invulnerable for a limited time
  • Shine – an aoe nuke that damages all nightmares in a radius about yourself

This seems like a lot of work, but I’m very passionate about this idea and even if my group doesn’t want to do it, I’ll make it myself in my spare time.