Shine Design Document V1

Before I continue I’ll point out that I realise this isn’t a professional looking Game Document. It’s only the first draft of a document written to communicate the design to a small team of students who are too busy to both write and read a full design document in their spare time. So without further ado, here it is:


Shine is a 2.5D sidescrolling platformer made in Unity3D and set in a surreal world with one simple rule: Don’t let your light go out.

The only resource in the game is Light which can be obtained by collecting Light Orbs scattered across each level. Every level has a Day, where the player races against The Darkness chasing them, collecting Light Orbs along the way. At night, The Darkness takes over and there’s nowhere to run. Nightmares spawn from The Darkness and attack, draining light from the player. If all the Light is drained from the player, they cease to exist. The player completes the level by fending off the Nightmares and surviving The Night.

There is no explicit story to the game, leaving it open to player’s interpretation.

The only ‘character’ in the game is the player character, Lumi. Lumi is a being entirely composed of Light. The Nightmares consume Light, so if Lumi is attacked, he becomes dimmer; as Lumi collects Light Orbs he becomes brighter. Fortunately, Lumi isn’t completely defenceless, he possesses abilities to fend off The Nightmares.

  • Soar – Lumi shoots light from his feet to jump higher
  • Slash – Lumi attacks with a Light sword
  • Shoot – Lumi fires Light projectiles
  • Shield – Lumi becomes invulnerable for a short time
  • Shine – Lumi stuns all nearby Nightmares

As the game progresses, the levels become increasingly sinister, The Night gets longer, The Nightmares become stronger and platforms become more sparse and unstable. Towards the end of the game, the cracks start to show in the daytime and Nightmares occasionally seep in to wreak havoc. The game is 15 levels long with boss battles every 5 levels and a light upgrade at the end of every level.

The player controls the whole game using the keyboard, with arrow keys controlling player movement and 1-5 to use abilities.

The game has a very minimal HUD, only showing a clock representing the day/night cycle, a measure of Lumi’s light level and the selected ability.


A lot of this is still being decided (eg the player name) so I’ve put my ideas forward in the meantime, but I expect some things to change.

I’ll be livestreaming some concept art tonight with a G+ Hangout at 21:00 GMT, feel free to check it out on my YouTube channel. I’ve never used G+ Hangouts so wish me luck 🙂

Any constructive critique would be greatly appreciated.