So, it has come to this

Apologies for such a long absence, I realised that I made this blog just over a year ago and I missed my anniversary. Remembering this made me want to start blogging again, thanks to anyone who’s stuck around. I know these kind of posts are boring, so I’ll try and quickly sum up what’s happened and get back to more interesting posts in the not so distant future.

  • Got a year placement at GlaxoSmithKline working as a Computational Chemist
  • Turned 20
  • Won an award for a game I made in a 24 hour Hackathon
  • Mourned the death of two hard drives and numerous WIPs
  • Started actually using a sketchbook
  • Made some more amazing friends
  • Got stranded alone in London, with no money, train tickets or phone,
  • Started studying OpenGL and overall graphics theory and loved every second
  • Got 92.5% in an Algorithms exam (a lot harder than it sounds
  • … and now I’ve started blogging again
  • and probably a lot more (I struggle to remember what I’ve done, I’m so busy)

Overall, thing are going pretty well for me right now. University is keeping me insanely busy, but it’s not long until my Easter break, so I’ll post more then.

I want to start speedpainting again and who knows, I might eventually get round to making those GIMP tutorials I’ve been promising all year.