RIP books and N64 games

So yesterday was eventful.

I moved out of my flat in Manchester and moved all my stuff home. We were in a rush to get to the shops before they closed though (Sunday opening hours ¬_¬) so we just dumped everything in the house and rushed out again.

As soon as we got back and opened the door, it smelled like burning and that is never good (except with barbecues, but that’s just the exception that proves the rule). One of us apparently accidentally knocked one of the dials on the oven and the hob had turned itself on. Unfortunately, that’s where I’d put the massive box containing all my books and N64 games. I’m devastated about my N64 games, MarioKart in particular because I’ve had some really great times over the past few weeks playing it with friends.

Still, this could have been a lot worse, the house is fine (apart from the lingering smell of bookdeath), and my family and I are all safe and that’s the important thing – “Amazing how fire reveals our priorities”