Guess the WIP

I’ve had a lot of fun playing with colour with this one, it looks quite painterly. It’s still not finished, so I covered up some of the most unfinished bits. Can you still… Continue reading

Initial Space Defender Concept Sketches

More scanner troubles, I should have it fixed tomorrow (it’s easier in daylight) and the sketches will be put here. This week I’ve been working on concept art for my Space Defender game… Continue reading

Humble Indie Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle is a collection of DRM-free cross-platform indie games. You choose the price to pay and how much of that cost goes to the developers or charity – most people… Continue reading

PapaNinja Competition Winner

The winner has been announced for PapaNinja’s 3D Competition. The aim of the competition was to create a 3D beauty render based on this sketch: The winner was Antropus with this image: He… Continue reading

N64 Portable

Nothing really caught my eye in the technology world this week (apart from the possible discovery of a Higgs Boson). So I thought I’d write about something dear to me: Nintendo 64s. Portable… Continue reading

Indie Game: The Movie

I’ve just watched this film and it’s probably the best documentary I’ve ever seen. I’m struggling to find words for how brilliant and how necessary this film is. It’s expertly filmed and has… Continue reading

Designing Space Defender

I’ve been working on the design of my Breakout clone and I had a few ideas. I think it’s generally a good idea to put your own spin on whatever you create, so… Continue reading

Castiel Sketch

Castiel from Supernatural. I really love hatching sketches (although admittedly I got a bit messy with the hair). I need to practice my photorealism skills so I’ll be painting this in the style… Continue reading

Rose Sketch

Quality not quantity today as I’ve only done one sketch; either way I’m happy with how this turned out. I thought I’d give sketching straight with coloured pencils would be fun and this… Continue reading

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat boy is another incredible indie game I bought as part of a Humble Indie Bundle (which I’ll be writing about next week). Super Meat Boy is another of those simple but… Continue reading

Piece of Heart

I’ve finally started working on the prerendered backgrounds for the Ocarina of Time Retexture Project, but I haven’t really got anything to show for it so far. So I just quickly made this… Continue reading

Project Glass

You’ve probably heard of Google’s Glass before, but if not, this video should explain it. This new augmented reality technology could replace smartphones completely (once people get used to wearing the headmounted display… Continue reading

Joe’s Goals

I’ve been using a goal management system called Joe’s Goals. It’s beauty is in its simplicity. You start by creating a list of goals and assigning each one a score (if one goal… Continue reading

The beginnings of Breakout

After my moderate success with Pong, but not much else, I thought I’d try another simple retro game, this time a Breakout clone (also known as Brick Breaker). So far I’ve just been… Continue reading

Improvement Meme

I started painting Rick Genest today but it didn’t turn out well, and I realised I haven’t posted this here so here goes. I made this at the end of last year to… Continue reading

Sketchdump 01: Skulls

To start with I’ll explain what I mean by ‘sketchdump’. Every week I’ll pick a topic/theme, make a few sketches throughout the week and post them all on Sunday. This week I decided… Continue reading

Bit.Trip Runner

Finally I’m reviewing a game that doesn’t really have a storyline so I don’t have to worry about spoilers. I bought Bit.Trip Runner as part of the Humble Indie Bundle a while back… Continue reading

3D Pokeball

I’ve been having a lot of issues with Blender, mainly with selecting vertices, whenever I try to select more than one it selects another random vertex as well (quite frustrating when you’re trying… Continue reading

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft have recently revealed their latest foray into the world of hardware with their new Surface. A lot is still currently unknown about Surface, but it seems like it could be a game… Continue reading

New Schedule

I’m back from my unplanned blogging hiatus feeling revitalized and raring to go. I’m also proposing a new blogging schedule: Monday: 2D Art Tuesday: Game Development Wednesday: Personal Thursday: Technology Friday: 3D Art… Continue reading

100 things I’ve learned from blogging everyday

Today is my 100th daily blog post and I thought I’d celebrate by sharing 100 things I’ve learned from blogging. Blogging is fun Blogging is addictive I really enjoy saying ‘blogging’ Blogging can… Continue reading

Clients From Hell

I often frequent a website called Clients From Hell which does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a list of quotes/anecdotes from artists/designers/programmers who’ve been messed around by their clients. It’s… Continue reading

Big Buck Bunny

For me, I think this is quite an inspirational post. People often doubt the prowess of free software, and think that it can’t compare to proprietary programs like Photoshop, Zbrush and Maya. This… Continue reading

The dangers of drawing from reference

Drawing from reference is incredibly useful in achieving a ‘likeness’. However it is a double-edged sword. I think I’ve been drawing exclusively from reference for far too long and it shows when I… Continue reading


I went to see Coldplay last night and the entire experience was incredible. Everyone was given ‘Xylobands’ which lit up and flashed in time with the music; seeing 50, 000 people wearing them… Continue reading

Commissions open

More info


Today I finally finished watching Supernatural and I have to say it is going down as one of my all time favourite series. It’s one of those shows that artists can really get… Continue reading

3DT 11: Sculptris

Sculptris is a free sculpting tool which I believe has been bought by Pixologic (owners of Zbrush) and is now available here. Sculptris is very different to Blender and while Blender now has… Continue reading

SHET Home Automation

A group of bored Computer Science students from my Uni decided to move in together and here’s what ensued:

It’s the Final Countdown

Doo doo doo doooo Doo doo doo doo doooo (etc) Tomorrow is the day of my final first year exam, with which I cease to be a ‘fresher’. I really should be worried… Continue reading

Speedy Painter

I follow a blog called speedypainter and they’ve just released a new version of the painting application they developed aptly dubbed Speedy Painter. I’m a massive fan of their work, as an artist… Continue reading

Win a Makey Makey

Today I found out about a competition to win a free Makey Makey and I thought I should share. All you have to do is come up with a unique suggestion of how… Continue reading

Zach Braff Sketch

I’m going home for a friend’s birthday, so this is for him. Consider this a Work in Progress, I’ve still got a lot more work to do on it, but I’ve done as… Continue reading

All work and no play makes Sam a dull boy

Today is a rare day, I’m being social. I’m going to an event called Whitfest, which includes lots of free stuff, how could I possibly say no? Free candy floss and vodka jelly,… Continue reading

3DT 10: Triforce

I was thinking about what I could use for the intro for my Zelda Let’s Play series. I decided to keep it simple and just go with the Triforce. I imagine I’ll overlay… Continue reading

SPN Dean Sketch

I started watching Supernatural a while ago and I must say I do love it. I’ve not watched all the episodes yet, so no spoilers in the comments please. Anyway I thought I’d… Continue reading

TLT Hiatus

I think I’m going to take a break from speedpainting and speedmodelling. I want to start spending more time and taking a more relaxed approach (without being watched/recorded). I’ve learned a lot from… Continue reading

Only one more to go

Yeah I only have one more exam to go, and the last one is a week away, so it kinda feels like they’re all over. It all feels a bit anticlimactic to be… Continue reading

Plans for summer

Once again due to exams we haven’t done any more work on the game. There’s a lot of things that I’d love to be doing right now,¬† but can’t because of exams, so… Continue reading

Makey Makey

I stumbled upon this today and felt the need to spread the word. This is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s called Makey Makey¬†and I’ll let this video do the rest… Continue reading

I think this line’s mostly filler

I just wrote a full post, but I’m blogging from my phone and my phone is a dick and it deleted it. This has been a post.

3DT 09: Mr Pointy

It’s my friend Emma’s birthday today and despite us having almost identical taste in TV shows, I couldn’t think of anything to do (in a short amount of time – exam tomorrow). So… Continue reading

How to procrastinate

Here’s a bunch of things to do when you should probably be doing something else: Tidy up Play stupidly addictive flash games online Watch videos of people falling over on Youtube Go on… Continue reading

TLT 10: Skyrim Day/Night Cycles

I was a bit stumped for ideas this week, I’ve not had time to paint or model anything, so I thought it would be nice just to admire the beauty of Skyrim.

Commission info

I’ve made a new page with my commission info HERE. I’ll be officially opening commissions after my exams are over, but if you want to beat the rush and get in first, feel… Continue reading

SS 10: RPG Update

Damn exams.

Making money

I recently realised that my student loan barely covers my rent next year, and it would be nice to have some money left over, y’know for food and what-not, so I started thinking… Continue reading


So after finishing my first exam, I felt the need for a break. My friend Adam has started a Skyrim Let’s Play series (seriously, everyone but me is making a Let’s Play series… Continue reading

3DT 08: PapaNinja Competition

My first exam is tomorrow so there’s no way I’m getting anything 3D done today. Luckily, one of my favourite artists Serge Birault aka PapaNinja is hosting a 3D competition on Facebook. If… Continue reading

GIMP 2.8

I’ve been waiting for this update for literally years, it came out a few weeks ago, but I’ve been too busy with work to try it out. Despite still being ridiculously busy, I… Continue reading