OS Wars Design

Over the next few weeks I’m going to working on a challenge from the Game Development Society at Uni: to develop a 2D top-down Real Time Strategy Game which uses the A* pathfinding… Continue reading

SS02: Pong!

Told you there’d be something more interesting this week. I talk a lot about game development on this blog and I’ve never even made a game. What kind of game developer would I… Continue reading

Nostalgia – it just isn’t what it used to be

You may just think this is a meaningless pun, but I genuinely believe it to be true. A book by my favourite author Jasper Fforde covered this topic particularly well. Simply put, the… Continue reading

Project Euler

I found a website called Project Euler that gives maths related programming challenges. It reminded me of a weekly competition we had in my high school. Every week a new maths/logic puzzle was… Continue reading

3DT 02: Wonga

Following the Mario theme (which I suspect I will continue to do), Mario needs some dollar. I think I might eventually render an entire Mario world using the assets I make every Thursday.… Continue reading


Pikachu won the poll of who I should paint first from the the original Super Smash Bros. cast. Tada! Just kidding that was just one I prepared earlier. I decided that as I’ve… Continue reading

TLT 01: Mario Box

With this, the first Timelapse Tuesday, I’m launching my new Youtube Channel: SwartechOfficial This week I recorded myself modelling the Mario Box I made in Blender and also included the full render. So… Continue reading

The Great Cutscene Debate

I’m about to tackle an area of great contention within the gaming community: cutscenes. There’s a large number of people who loathe cutscenes as they temporarily remove the player’s ability to interact with… Continue reading

SS 01: CubeSum

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for the first Software Sunday (being that it’s Mother’s Day) so it’s just a simple program for today. Admittedly this is pretty much copied from a Java… Continue reading


The GIMP is a free open-source image manipulation program available here. I’ve been using GIMP for about 4 years and I’d recommend it to anyone. A lot of people underestimate GIMP because its… Continue reading

This is a Jak-ing

I realised that despite claiming to be interested in game development, I’ve not posted much about gaming; so I figured I could write a game review. I seem to have gone on a… Continue reading

3DT 01: Like a BOX!

The first 3D Thursday and also my first foray into the third dimension. I wanted to keep it simple, and what’s more simple than a box? Unfortunately, boxes tend to be quite boring,… Continue reading

Checkpoint Reached!

Yes, today is the first weekiversary of this blog (I didn’t want to say anniversary, because it has ‘year’ in the name and I couldn’t find another such suitable word). I believe the… Continue reading

Vital Statistics

Being the geek that I am, I spend a lot of time on my computer. And as my readers are quite possibly of a similar ilk, I figured they might also be interested… Continue reading

Padding my resume

I’ve set up a github account to store all my future code: https://github.com/swartech I could hardly call myself a programmer if the first thing I tried wasn’t ‘Hello World’, but writing in one… Continue reading

Current Reading List

This is a stack of books I’m in the process of reading. (in no particular order) They’re pretty much all about game development: design, programming and graphics. There aren’t any units on Game… Continue reading

Choose Your Character!

After writing about the N64, I remembered how much I used to love playing Super Smash Bros. So I’ve been thinking – a dangerous activity, to be sure – that I should have… Continue reading

From Humble Beginnings

As I’m planning to do some game development, I thought I may as well explain my motivations and talk about my favourite games. (I realised when I started planning this that I have… Continue reading

Hello world!

Excuse the obligatory “Hello World!” and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sam Whelan, I’m a 19 year old Computer Science student and right now I don’t tend to do much… Continue reading